Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!

Anti-Covid insurance for foreigners

The policy will protect you and your family

Insurance protection within Ukraine for foreign citizens

The border

Go to cross the cordon of Ukraine


Meets all the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine


Will provide you with reliable protection in case of illness

How to purchase a digital policy? The purchase takes 5 minutes.

Step 1

Select insurance settings in the calculator

Step 2

Read the terms and cost of the policy

Step 3

Enter the required data and pay for the policy with a Visa / Mastercard bank card

Step 4

The policy will be sent to your email and available for download

What is an electronic insurance policy?

This is a traditional paper policy, only in electronic form.

  • Has similar legal force.
  • 5 minutes for registration from any device and from any corner of the world.
  • Fraud and forgery are impossible.

Required for registration

  • foreign passport
  • or a similar document giving the right to cross the border

What to do in case of an insured event?


24-hour hotline

+38 (044) 377 72 06

Frequently asked questions

1. What language should the insurance policy and test be?

Any: Ukrainian, English, Russian

2. If I go for 3 months. So will the policy be enough for the minimum term?

Requires a policy for the entire stay in the country.

3. Is it possible to pass a rapid test?

NO. A person's certificate of antibodies to COVID-19 or vaccination certificate does not exempt its from the need to have the results of testing for COVID-19 by PCR to cross the state border.

4. Do you need insurance for citizens from the green zone

This is what all foreign citizens need. The list of red and green countries is available  here

5. Who can be insured?

Provides insurance for foreigners (non-residents of Ukraine), including adults and children, aged from 1 year to 79 years

Available countries

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Additional Information

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 22, 2021 № 230 amended the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 9, 2020 № 1236.

Foreign citizens entering the territory of Ukraine, regardless of the country of arrival, are required to have insurance policy (certificate, certificate). It must be registered by the Ukrainian insurance a company or a foreign company with a representative office in Ukraine. The policy must be covered costs due to treatment with COVID-19. The validity of the policy must correspond to the period of stay on territory of Ukraine. Also, it is necessary to have a negative PRL test (polymerase chain reaction), which was held no more than 72 hours before crossing the border of Ukraine.

The test is optional for children under 12 years of age.

Citizens of other countries will be denied entry to Ukraine if there is no insurance policy and test with a negative result.

It is impossible to pass the PCR test on the territory of Ukraine, or to go for self-isolation!

A citizen of Ukraine or a person with a permanent residence permit may not take out an insurance policy, but for entry and transit through the territory of Ukraine it is necessary to have a negative PCR test result.

The test must be conducted 48 hours, maximum, before crossing the state border. If the test is absent, it is necessary to pass 14-day observation (self-isolation) having established the application "Вдома"

It is possible to get out of self-isolation before its end, provided you get a negative result PCR test. Children under 12 do not need a test and self-isolation

Foreign citizens

The optimal algorithm of actions when entering Ukraine, regardless of the country and citizenship:

Option 1

1. Buy insurance on the website of the Insurance Company and print the insurance policy. We do everything online.

2. When entering Ukraine, install the mobile application "Вдома" on your mobile phone. This must be done within 24 hours of arrival.

3. We do a PCR test for Kovid-19 in one of the certified laboratories of Ukraine. Until received test results you should be on self-isolation. The results are usually ready for 1-2 days. After receiving a negative result, you are free to move.

Option 2

1. We do a PCR test on Covid-19 72 hours before arrival in Ukraine. In this case it is not required install mobile application «Вдома».

2. We buy insurance on the official website and print the insurance policy. We do everything online.

3. We present a PCR test for Covid-19 and a printed insurance policy at the border.

The spread of COVID-19 in the world has become the reason that medical insurance for foreigners against coronavirus with appropriate coverage is mandatory for visiting a lot of countries. To enter Ukraine, foreigners will need such a policy. In IC One Click, you can take out insurance from COVID in 5 minutes with a profitable price.

How to buy Covid-19 insurance for foreigners?

You can apply for a health insurance policy for citizens of other countries from anywhere in the world via our website. First of all, when you travel to Ukraine, choose the appropriate option - Anti-Covid Business or Anti-Covid Travel. The difference between them consists in the sum insured and the list of services that you’ll obtain as part of the insurance policy.

Anti-Covid Travel includes:

  • limit up to 100 000,00 UAH,
  • payment for the observation in the amount of 500 UAH / day;
  • ambulatory and hospital treatment.

Anti-Covid Business costs a little bit more, since this insurance policy provides limit up to 30 000 EUR, and also includes 24/7 medical concierge and telemedicine doctor's consultations have been added to the services already mentioned above.

Further, getting an insurance policy, you must specify:

  • the starting and ending date of its validity, including transit through the country;
  • the number of insured people (up to 10 people in one policy);
  • personal data about yourself and everyone who will be listed in the policy (in accordance with the passport or other document that allows you to cross the border).

After you pay for insurance policy through the online payment system, you will receive the policy via your e-mail. Citizens of any country aged from 1 to 79 years old can get such an insurance policy in IC One Click – starting from one day (minimum period) and for a year (maximum period).

Note! Citizens of all countries, regardless of where they came from to the territory of Ukraine, definitely need insurance from Covid-19. This condition is valid in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers (№230 dated 22.03.2021) and guarantees coverage of costs if you or your loved ones get sick with Covid-19.

Medical insurance for non-residents must be showed to a border service officer when entering Ukraine. You can save your insurance policy in your smartphone, on your tablet or print it.

It is also important to know that the dates of validity of medical insurance for non-residents must coincide with the period that you will spend in Ukraine.

Covid-19 insurance for foreigners: Insurance case

Insurance for foreigners helps to cover the cost of treatment if you were diagnosed with Covid-19 when you arrived to Ukraine. The infection must be confirmed by the medical institution of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine based on the results of the PCR testing carried out in a certified laboratory in the country.

A positive result of such a test will mean that an insured case has happened. So you need to do the following:

  • Within 24 hours after the diagnosis of COVID-19, notify the insurance company and tell all the details about the state of health at the time of the call to the insurance company;
  • Agree with the insurance company what your actions will be next.

Further, thanks to the assistance of the insurance company (within conditions of the insurance contract and the protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine), you will receive the necessary medical services and / or observation.

It is also possible that the insured pays for medical services by himself (in agreement with the insurance company). In this situation, within 30 days after recovery, you must write an application to the insurance company for reimburse of costs within the insurance limit.


Can I enter the territory of Ukraine if I am a citizen of Russia, Belarus?

Yes, all foreign citizens are allowed to visit Ukraine if they have a valid insurance policy with Covid-19 coverage and a negative test for Covid-19 (you need to take it out no more than 72 hours before crossing the border).

What language should the insurance policy be in?

The Covid-19 insurance contract for foreigners must be set up in two languages: Ukrainian and English.

What will this insurance policy cover?

As a part of the insurance contract, insurance company will cover the costs of treatment and / or observation if you are sick with COVID-19 (U07.1), which is confirmed by testing. Please note that you need to take the PCR test for Covid-19 in a laboratory certified in Ukraine.

What term is Covid-19 insurance valid?

The insurance contract is valid for the period that you indicated at registration if:

  • You made the full payment to the account of the insurance company;
  • You have crossed the border.

Do Green Zone Citizens need insurance policy?

Yes, in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, an insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage is needed for all foreigners who enter the territory of Ukraine. The exception is valid for those foreigners who permanently live in Ukraine, which is confirmed by documents, certain groups of military and drivers, crew members who carry out constant cargo transportation.

Who can be insured?

At IC One Click, you can insure a resident of any country between the ages of 1 and 79, if these people plan to visit Ukraine, including transit.

Do I need to take a test before taking out insurance policy?

Getting the insurance contract and the delivery of the PCR test is different things.

What documents are needed for getting insurance policy?

To get insurance policy from Covid-19 for foreigners, it is enough to have a passport or other document that gives you the right to cross the border.

Can I pay for the policy by EUR and USD?

Yes, you can pay with any card and any currency. The payment will be converted into UAH and debited from the IC bank account. Before making a payment, make sure that your card does not have a limit and that the limit for Internet payments and payments in foreign currency is not exhausted. If you have any difficulties, contact the online assistant via our website.