Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
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OSAGO car insurance

How to buy E-policy?

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Documents required for issuing a policy

How does the police check MTPL insurance e-policy?

Verification of the MTPL Insurance e-policy is carried out according to:

Has an insured event occurred?

  • Call from the scene of the incident to the 24-hour line by phone 0443777206
  • For a quality settlement of the insured event, act according to the instructions of the operator
  • Call the National Police or register an event using the Europrotocol
  • Submit a written application to the Insurance Company no later than 3 working days

Documents and useful information

Order a service

How are the coefficients for MTPL insurance calculated?

To do this, use the formula: cost = BT * K1 * K2 * K3 * K4 * K5 * K6 * BM * SL, where the base tariff is taken into account (the amount set by the state - UAH 180), as well as alternately the coefficients (1-6) of such parameters - type of TC, place of registration of the car, place of operation of the vehicle, driver's experience, period of operation and cases of fraud. BM is a bonus malus, and SL is a discount for beneficiaries. However, you are unlikely to need this formula, because today the price of insurance can be calculated much easier - on the company's calculator online. It should be borne in mind that each coefficient has a fork of values, and their maximum and minimum are set by MTIBU. The One Click website has a convenient online solution for rendering at any time.

How to calculate the MTPL class?

The OSAGO class is a parameter that displays the number of insured events in the driver's history of the car owner. This number is determined by the bonus-malus factor. If the driver provoked the accident, his class decreases, and if he did NOT become the culprits of the accident for a year, it increases. The law of Ukraine states that there are 15 classes: M, 0 and 1-13 (from the lowest to the highest). High-class drivers are entitled to discounts when renewing the policy.

How to calculate the amount of pay for MTPL insurance?

A company specialist or an independent expert uses special programs to assess the damage and then determine how much to pay to the victims. The maximum possible payment is 160 thousand. and 320 thousand. UAH per one victim, but when buying insurance, the client can increase the limit to UAH 1 million. If the damage is great, the culprit will have to cover it himself. Such limits are applied if no more than 5 cars are damaged due to the fault of the insured. If there are more participants, the amount of damage is distributed proportionally between them.

OSAGO - car insurance

When was the last time you checked your policy? Are you sure the expiration date hasn't passed yet? Motor CTP is a mandatory document for all drivers in Ukraine. We have simplified the registration of insurance for a car and now it is possible to buy OSAGO in just a few clicks.

What is an OSAGO - car insurance?

OSAGO is a type of insurance that is defined by law as mandatory. This means that every driver/owner of a car or other land vehicle (registered only in Ukraine) can become a traffic model if they have the appropriate policy.

How to quickly issue OSAGO?

You no longer need to go to the office of the insurance company to buy insurance.
Just enter on our website:

  • personal data;
  • specify the parameters of your car in the appropriate fields;
  • choose the start date of the policy;
  • specify what you choose in addition to the car insurance - insurance limit extension, direct settlement and medical assistance in case of an accident;
  • formalize an insurance contract;
  • pay through the payment system the amount automatically calculated by the calculator on the site;
  • check the e-mail specified during registration, to which you will receive an OSAGO policy immediately after payment.

Attention! If you are our regular customer, then when applying for an auto citizenship, instead of car parameters, it is enough to enter the state registration number of the vehicle.

Benefits of buying an online policy

In addition to the quick conclusion of an insurance contract on One Click, there are other advantages:

  • guaranteed the best price at which you can insure a car;
  • instant sending of the paid policy to the e-mail specified during the execution of the contract and its registration in the MTIBU database;
  • counterfeit and fraud protection;
  • the opportunity to receive cashback for recommending the service to friends - a fixed percentage of income from their first payment for insurance;
  • intuitive and easy to use website interface;
  • guaranteed payment if an insured event
  • is covered by the policy, and all conditions for reimbursement and terms are met.

If you need advice, a virtual assistant is available on the site 24/7.
Another bonus of online registration is that you do not depend on the work schedule of the office of the insurance company and you can conclude an agreement even on holidays, weekends and at a time of the day that is convenient for you.

The minimum validity period of OSAGO

The validity of the insurance is 1 year, which is regulated by the law on auto citizenship. However, there are cases in which the owner of the vehicle can be insured for a shorter period (minimum 15 days).

Who can issue OSAGO for less than a year?

In accordance with the law, drivers can buy an insurance policy for a non-standard period if:

  • the Vehicle is not registered or temporarily registered;
  • the place of permanent registration is not Ukraine;
  • when passing the mandatory technical control (QC).

It is also possible to insure the Vehicle only for the period when you use it for road traffic. Then the term for concluding an insurance contract will be one year, but the period when it covers an insured event will be slightly less.

How do we calculate the cost of insurance?

The calculation of the price for an auto citizenship takes place directly on the site based on the parameters that you specify when applying for a policy
The amount of the deductible is also important here - the amount that you yourself pay to the victim in the event of an accident.
So that our customers do not overpay for insurance, we give the opportunity to choose the size of the deductible: the minimum is UAH 0, the maximum is UAH 2,600.
If you choose the largest franchise, you can save about 20% on the policy. Thanks to this, buy OSAGO at the best price.

How to receive payment from the Insurance Company?

You have 30 days from the date of the accident to submit the documents stipulated by the contract to the insurance company. In particular, we are talking about the following:

  • application for insurance compensation;
  • the original of the European protocol, if you recorded the accident in this way;
  • a court decision, when the culprit of the accident was established by the court;
  • Ukrainian passport;
  • TIN;
  • a document that confirms your ownership of the car (must be valid on the day of the accident);
  • death certificate of the victim and documents showing burial costs (if there was a death);
  • documents that confirm the content of the victim (if there was damage to health);
  • bank details where the IC will transfer the money.

In addition, within 10 days from the moment of the road accident, the victim must provide the SC with a car for inspection and drawing up an act.
When the entire package of documents about the traffic accident, the victim and the perpetrator is collected, the insurance company makes a decision on compensation. This legislation allotted from 15 to 90 days.

Three additional policies to the mandatory OSAGO

Along with the mandatory auto citizenship, we offer additional policies that help you increase your payout, get it faster, and cover more medical care in the event of an accident.
We recommend purchasing them together with OSAGO:

ServiceWhat gives the driver in case of an accident?Price
Additional extension of the insurance limitYou can choose the amount by which you will increase the limit - from UAH 100,000 to UAH 1 million.Minimum 100 UAH.
Depends on the selected amount of the additional limit.
Direct SettlementYou can get the payment from your insurance company, NOT from the company that caused the accident. This will reduce the time for obtaining insurance compensation by almost three times.Depends on the type of vehicle and the city of its operation.
Medical assistance in case of an accidentIncludes:
  • trauma center services;
  • hospital (limit 20 thousand UAH);
  • emergency care (limit UAH 10,000);
  • emergency dentistry;
  • health of victims of road accidents up to 4 people, UAH 5,000 each (total limit UAH 20,000).
300 UAH

One Click makes sure that you spend a minimum of time on obtaining insurance and at the same time receive high-quality services at the best cost.


Is it possible to drive after the expiration of OSAGO?

You can continue to drive the vehicle after the expiration of the insurance contract, but remember that in doing so you are breaking the law. And if a policeman stops you, then when checking documents, he will issue a fine in the amount of 25 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (UAH 425 as of 2021).

When does the insurance start?

The insurance contract takes effect immediately after you have paid for it. Please note that the autocitizen policy indicates not only the day, month and year of purchase, but also the exact time (minutes, hours).

How long is OSAGO valid after the expiration date?

The action of the autocitizen expires on the date specified in the insurance contract. After that, the policy is no longer valid. Therefore, we advise you to buy a new motor vehicle citizen on time to avoid a fine.

How to check car insurance?

The insurer transfers the information about the insured to the Central Database of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, which means that the validity of the policy can be checked online. To do this, on the MTIBU website, you must specify the series and number of the insurance contract or the number of the vehicle.