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More than 17 years of work

OneClick Insurance Company is a Ukrainian insurance company with a central office in Poltava. The company began to conquer the insurance market of Ukraine in 1995. From 1995 to 2003 the company was called "Salamandra-Ltava", and in 2003 a new insurance company was established on the basis of the name "Salamandra-Ukraine". In April 2019, the company officially changed its name and became OneClick.

Strahov kompaniia OneClick pratsyuє for kіlkoma napryamkami strahuvannya: CTP Turistichne strahuvannya Dobrovіlne strahuvannya tsivіlnoї vіdpovіdalnostі Medichna insurance in case of accident Turistichne strahuvannya Strahov kompaniia OneClick oformlyaє polіsi medichnogo strahuvannya to whether yak kraїnu svitu i dodatkovo proponuє kіlka ob'єdnanih teritorіy strahuvannya "Еvropa і the land of the Schengen "," The whole world "і" Egypt, Turechchina, Izrail, Tunis, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Morocco. " All OneClick medical insurance policies are delivered to the client in an electronic view with a digital signature and may be legally valid as a paper option. All clients of the company can request a consultation in the contact center

One Click Mission

One Click Mission

Make insurance fair and simple, and payouts fast and convenient.
Our company works without offices, by automating business processes. Our products simple and straightforward, without hidden conditions.
Why us?

Why us?

Financial reliability. Guarantee of the Financial Group Salamander
It is very beneficial if you find a lower price on the network for our product with the same conditions - call us and we will reduce the cost.


We are fair and different from other insurance companies in that by receiving insurance payments from clients, they consider it to be their profit.
Insurance premiums remain customer funds, and upon payment, we return your money to you. minus the minimum cost.


In 2019, the assets of the insurance company exceeded $ 4 million. The company does not hide its financial reports, which can be viewed by anyone on the official website of the company. OneClick cooperates with the assistance company Balt Assistance, which provides services to the insured for abroad according to the insurance contract concluded with OneClick.
In the event of an insured event, communication with the assistance is carried out by phone +38 044 500 14 00. OneClick has the following licenses:
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569188 for the implementation of voluntary medical insurance,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569203 for the implementation of voluntary insurance of real estate, cargo and luggage,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569198 for the implementation of voluntary insurance against accidents,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569187 for the implementation of voluntary insurance of liability to third parties,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569191 for the implementation of voluntary health insurance in case of illness,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569200 for voluntary insurance of cargo and luggage,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569196 for the implementation of voluntary insurance of medical expenses,
dated 23.12.2010 No. 569190 for voluntary insurance of financial risks.

Management of the Insurance Company "One Click"

Пиж Надія Михайлівна General Director
Явтушенко Юрій Олексійович Chairman of the Supervisory Board