Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!
Save up to 40% on insurance with OneClick!

Legal services in case of accidents and damage to property

Your personal lawyer!
Consults and resolves all issues related to road accidents,
and property damage.
Will help you get an insurance payment and save your nerves!
Available for you
Contact center services:
consulting on the procedure for road accidents
advising on the procedure for obtaining insurance benefits
legal assistance in the restoration of property damaged during martial law
By purchasing "AutoLawyer", you get:

— consulting in the process of collecting documents to receive an insurance payment;

— organization of an expert study of the size of the damage;

— control of deadlines and verification of the legality of the amount of the insurance payment;

— appeal against the insurer's illegal decisions on refusal of insurance payment or illegal underestimation of the amount of insurance payment to the National Bank of Ukraine;

— preparation of a lawsuit to collect insurance payments;

— control over the course of court proceedings and counseling in the court proceedings;

— control over the course of the insurer's liquidation procedure (if SC is bankrupt);

— preparation of a pre-trial claim and a claim for recovery of damages from the person at fault in a road accident for an amount not covered by his insurance policy.

In addition, you can purchase:

— comprehensive protection of interests in a criminal, civil or administrative offense case;

— participation in a court hearing on the client's side;

— appeal of the decision on bringing to administrative responsibility;

— other legal services.

Operator 9:00 - 18:00 for consultation
Lawyer for legal support